Alosrah Teleradiology


Since establishing AlOsrah Medical Company for health investment about three decades before, it continuously innovating leading fields & promising programs for a bright future matching with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 vision which includes a comprehensive program for national development in health care sector

One of the programs that the company manager believes in its effectiveness & feasibility for our loved Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is to introduce the latest updates of Teleradiology images technology in the world, through smart & strategic cooperation with Affidea international, that is through launching Teleradiology service using the most updated technology & highly qualified physicians team both Saudi Arabian & foreign experience

The idea of Teleradiology comes from transferring images of X-Rays, CT Scan, Ultra-Sonar & MRI`s without affecting their quality or type, at the same time with high resolution, Also EEG, ECG & ECH could be transferred with high resolutio

Teleradiology program aims to connect the so far medical centers & hospitals with the local, national & global specialists in medicine which reduces a lot of lost money, to achieve the total quality in the field of Teleradiology, operating & management of diagnostic radiology centers in the medical cities, hospitals & polyclinic.