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Provide medical and therapeutic integrated services

  • Establishment of health service projects which include; operating , maintaining and managing of medical centers, specialized medical poly clinics and hospitals .
  • Drug and medical products trade.
  • Providing medical examination, diagnosis and medication services in all medical specialties through the company’s medical centers and using the latest technology and modern equipment and connecting all of the company’s centers via computer network.
  • Provide training and continuing medical education and education services remotely in all areas related to human health and to educate the community.
  • Providing medical programs and services distinct target specific categories of asylum medical service (such as home health care program school health care program Diabetes Care Program Sports Medicine Program)
  • Strategic planning of health institutions.
  • Provide economic feasibility studies and specialized in health and medical fields.
  • Provide comprehensive quality control services in the field of health services.
  • Managing health investments and provide appropriate solutions.
  • Marketing and media services to others.
  • Accreditation and certification services of the Central Council for Accreditation of health institutions.
  • Software training of human resources and management.


in accordance with Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions


Media services to others


Certification Services


Software Training


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